Sentence Examples with the word silver-white

It forms microscopic hexagonal plates having a silver-white streak.

A brittle potassium alloy of silver-white colour and lamellar fracture is obtained by calcining 20 parts of bismuth with 16 of cream of tartar at a strong red heat.

Damian's silver-white hair was braided down his back, his thick body causing him to sink two inches into the mud.

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The colour of the mineral is silver-white or steel-grey, with a metallic lustre, but it is often tarnished yellow; the streak is greyish-black.

When not tarnished, the mineral has a silver-white colour with a tinge of red, and the lustre is metallic. Hardness 2-21; specific gravity 9-70-9.83.

It was hard for him to remain detached around the beautiful woman with silver-white hair.

It is a silver-white ductile metal (of specific gravity 2.54) which melts at 8000.

The pure metal is silver-white in colour, is very ductile, and becomes remarkably hard when hammered, a diamond drill making little impression upon it.

Her hands were rubbing her sweater absently, her silver-white hair long and loose, hanging almost to the small of her back.

Most of his face was hidden behind the mask, but his silver-white hair was too familiar to be anyone else's.