Sentence Examples with the word silicious

In the silicious matter which the water deposits is perhaps the bony system, and in the still finer soil and organic matter the fleshy fibre or cellular tissue.

And passing through Baker, Worth, Dooly, Dodge, Laurens, Johnson, Jefferson and Burke counties, has three distinct kinds of soil; a sand, forming what is known as the sand-hill region; red clay derived from silicious rock in the red hills; and grey, sandy soils with a subsoil of yellow loam.

In the Rennes basin limestones - often dolomitic - are associated with quartzites and conglomerates; silicious limestones also occur in the Sarthe region.

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The geological formation of the plateau consists of thin beds of hard silicious chalk, locally called misse, which overlie a thick bed of soft white limestone, known by the name of meleke.

Even the most delicate tissues, such as cambium and phloem, the endosperm of seeds, or the formative tissue of the growing-point, are frequently preserved cell for cell, both in calcareous and silicious material.

The silicious matter has also built up around the springs and geysers cones or mounds of considerable size and great beauty of form.

Therefore belong to the first class of Silicious or Flint Rocks.

In either case such a lining is expensive, and has but a short life, in few works more than 200 charges, and in some only loo, though the silicious lining of the acid converter lasts thousands of charges.

An exceptionally rich copper mine exists at Arghana Maden, but it is very imperfectly worked; galena mineral oil and silicious sand are also found.

Ordinary mortar failed in such positions; mortar made from lime prepared from limestones or chalks containing a little clay was found to stand; mortar made from lime mixed with trass or similar active silicious material was also found to stand.