Sentence Examples with the word silenced

In the Church of Rome the Dominicans favoured Augustinianism, the Jesuits Semi-Pelagianism; the work of Molina on the agreement of free-will with the gifts of grace provoked a controversy, which the pope silenced without deciding; but which broke out again a generation later when Jansen tried to revive the decaying Augustinianism.

But the master misunderstood the disciple; and the harsh repulse of Ohlenschldger silenced Hauch for many years.

Verse 14), which would naturally be silenced by the overwhelming falsification of its comfortable predictions (iv.

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Their ministers, silenced by Wentworth, after an ineffectual attempt to reach New England, fled to Scotland, and there took a leading part in the great movement of 1638.

Her arrival silenced conversations and made most everyone do a double take.

Meks fort was silenced by about 52.45 P.M., and a party from the Invincible landed and disabled the guns.

But although silenced the prophet was doomed, and the folly of his disciples precipitated his fate.

Akhenatons reform had not reached deep amongst the masses of the population; they probably retained all their old religious customs and superstitions, while the priesthoods throughout the country must have been fiercely opposed to the heretics work, even if silenced during his lifetime by force and bribes.

The voices of those who counseled delay and advised waiting for something else before advancing had been so completely silenced and their arguments confuted by such conclusive evidence of the advantages of attacking that what had been discussed at the council--the coming battle and the victory that would certainly result from it--no longer seemed to be in the future but in the past.

The batteries were silenced for the time being; but bad weather interrupted the proceedings and the batteries had to be silenced afresh a week later (Feb.