Sentence Examples with the word signory

Though the signory still made a brave show upon occasions of parade, it was clear that the state was rotten to the core, ahd sinking into the decrepitude of dotage.

A signory openly hostile to Savonarola took office in May, and on Ascension Day his enemies ventured on active insult.

The only favour Savonarola craved before death was a short interview with his fellow victims. This the signory unwillingly granted.

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The papal threats were now too urgent to be disregarded, and the cowed signory entreated Savonarola to put an end to his sermons.

The period was several times extended, at first grudgingly, Soderini complaining that Leonardo had treated the republic ill in the matter of the battle picture; whereupon the painter honourably offered to refund the money paid, an offer which the signory as honourably refused.

In that city Ser Piero followed his profession with success, as notary to many of the chief families in the city, including the Medici, and afterwards to the signory or governing council of the state.

They conferred the signory upon him for life; and, had he not mismanaged matters, he might have held the city in his grasp. Italy was settling cown and turning her attention to home comforts, arts and literature.

But Florence was torn by factions - the Ottimati the signory was abolished, Alessandro created gonfaloniere for life, and his lordship made hereditary in his family by imperial patent.

A signory adverse to Giano having been elected, he was driven into exile in 1295.

All was turmoil and confusion, the crowd frantic. And, although Rondinelli had not come, the signory sent angry messages to ask why the Dominicans delayed the trial.