Sentence Examples with the word signally

The measures adopted were signally successful, both in saving life and in mitigating distress.

All this is signally shown in the history both of Venice and of other aristocratic cities.

The nawab, faithful to his policy of impartiality, marched with 10,000 men to drive the French out of Madras, but he was signally defeated by a French force of only four hundred men and two guns.

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In the extreme northwestern districts - the Punjab and Rajputana, judging from the fairly uniform physical features of the present population of these parts - they seem to have been signally successful in their endeavour to preserve their racial purity, probably by being able to clear a sufficiently extensive area of the original occupants for themselves with their wives and children to settle upon.

In 1437 Florence and Venice were again at war with the Visconti, whose chief captain, Niccolo Piccinino, on entering Tuscany with many Florentine exiles in his train, was signally defeated at Anghiari by the Florentines under Francesco Sforza (1440); peace was made the following year.

Happily, Johnson soon had an opportunity of proving most signally that his failure was not to be ascribed to intellectual decay.

Taken unawares and signally out-manoeuvred at Anzac and Suvla, Liman von Sanders perceived that his antagonists would probably retire from Helles also, and he took measures accordingly.

As a manager, though he committed some grievous blunders, he did good service to the theatre and signally advanced the popularity of Shakespeare's plays, of which not less than twenty-four were produced at Drury Lane under his management.

The king, however, remained true to him, and all the conspiracies signally failed.

After some reverses the Kaffirs were signally defeated on the 7th of June by General Somerset on the Gwangu, a few miles from Fort Peddie.