Sentence Examples with the word sighting

After remaining near Minorca for four days without making any further attempt to communicate with the fort or sighting the French, Byng sailed away to Gibraltar leaving Fort St Philip to its fate.

Instruction in the use of sights was based on the principle of securing uniformity in laying; for this reason fine sighting was discountenanced and laying by full sight enjoined.

Paulette Dawkins, whom Dean thought was dining with her clan, bounded into the kitchen to report a mouse sighting in her room.

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Other improvements were: the gun was sighted on each side, tangent scales dropping into sockets in a sighting ring on the breech, thus enabling a long scale for all ranges to be used, and the foresights screwing into holes or dropping into sockets in the trunnions, thus obviating the fouling of the line of sight, and the damage to FIG.

If the dispart sight were EarlyTangent being used, the sighting radius would be OD, but, as Sight.

She reluctantly agreed following up on my sighting would be prudent and wouldn't do any harm.

The rocking-bar consists of a carrier a fixed to the cradle, a rockingbar d pivoted to the carrier at e, a sight bar f carrying the sights and sighting telescope.

The vast Pacific which he crossed without sighting any of its innumerable island groups.

This was arranged for by a movable leaf carrying the sighting V, worked by means of a mill-headed screw provided with a scale in degrees and fractions to the same radius as the elevation scale, and an arrowb head for reading.