Sentence Examples with the word sighted

These may have been Puka Puka of the Tuamotu Archipelago and Flint Island; but it may be stated here that the identification of islands sighted by the early explorers is often a matter of conjecture, and that therefore some islands of which the definite discovery must be dated much later had in fact been seen by Europeans at this early period.

But when, some year or two afterwards, Moby Dick was fairly sighted from the mast-heads, Macey, the chief mate, burned with ardour to encounter him; and the captain himself being not unwilling to let him have the opportunity, despite all the archangel's denunciations and forewarnings, Macey succeeded in persuading five men to man his boat.

He sighted the Australian coast at Gippsland, Victoria, near Cape Everard, which he named Point Hicks, and sailed along the east coast of Australia as far north as Botany Bay, where he landed, and claimed possession of the continent on behalf of King George III.

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A letter was now awaiting despatch to Grouchy, and to it was added a postscript that the battle was raging with Wellington, that Billow's corps had been sighted by the emperor, and that the marshal was to hasten to the field and crush Billow.

Sailing thence north-westward for many weeks, over a sea so calm that he named it El Mar pacifico, he sighted only two small islands.

He sighted the land to the north of Kotelnyi and the land to the north of New Siberia (now Bennett Island).

She disguised her beauty as an old man, a ragged peasant, and no one paid heed as she carefully moved up the narrow pathway until she finally reached the edge of the cliff and sighted the spot where Jership the Terrible had secured his line.

On the 18th she was sighted by the blockading squadron, surrounded and captured.

Vasco da Gama on his voyage to India sighted the bluff at the entrance to the bay now forming the harbour of Durban on Christmas Day 1497 and named the country Terra Natalis.

First one and then the other conductor is connected with the electrode of the lower or movable plate, which is moved by the screw until the index attached to the attracted disk shows it to be in the sighted position.