Sentence Examples with the word sidelong

The effect is as if there was a mean sidelong thrust w tan S on the shot from left to right in order to deflect the plane of the trajectory at angle 6 to the vertical.

Another explanation may be given of the sidelong force, arising from the velocity of liquid past a cylinder, which is encircled by a vortex.

The first and second were successfully darted, and we saw the whales staggeringly running off, fettered by the enormous sidelong resistance of the towing drugg.

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She gave a sidelong glance to Harmony as the death dealer joined them.

The envious billows sidelong swell to whelm my track; let them; but first I pass.

When Kutuzov was informed that at the French rear--where according to the reports of the Cossacks there had previously been nobody--there were now two battalions of Poles, he gave a sidelong glance at Ermolov who was behind him and to whom he had not spoken since the previous day.

Ahab's boat was central; and cheering his men, he told them he would take the whale head-and-head,--that is, pull straight up to his forehead,--a not uncommon thing; for when within a certain limit, such a course excludes the coming onset from the whale's sidelong vision.

Lazarev stopped, casting a sidelong look at his colonel in alarm.

Pierre gave him a sidelong look at his butchered French, and Sofia smiled despite herself.

Elise gave him a sidelong glance.