Sentence Examples with the word side street

She waited until she reached a quieter side street before dialing her boyfriend.

In another side street a sentinel standing beside a green caisson shouted at him, but only when the shout was threateningly repeated and he heard the click of the man's musket as he raised it did Pierre understand that he had to pass on the other side of the street.

In a side street near the crossroads where the vehicles had stopped, a house and some shops were on fire.

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Thirty five miles later he found the address, a private home on the side street of a quiet neighborhood.

She had taken a cab and driven home by a side street and the cabman had told her that the people were breaking open the barrels at the drink store, having received orders to do so.

While the town was bursting at its seams for tomorrow's holiday, the side street where the Deans' inn was located was peacefully quiet.