Sentence Examples with the word shut off

At the upper end of A is a glass two-way stop-cock, by turning which the vessel A can either be made to communicate with the vessel to be exhausted, or with the atmosphere, or can be shut off from both when the cock holds an intermediate position.

In small nearly land-locked basins shut off from one another by bars rising to within a short distance of the surface and affected both by strong tidal currents and by a considerable admixture of land water, the contrasts of vertical distribution of temperature with the seasons are strongly marked, and there are also great unperiodic changes effected mainly by wind, as is shown by the investigations of H.

After what seemed like hours of traveling down trails that were little more than rockslides, Giddon stopped the ATV and shut off the engine.

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Each made the other a warning gesture and stood still in the dim light beneath the curtain as if not wishing to leave that seclusion where they three were shut off from all the world.

Into the former the ovaries project, though the lumen of the lateral body-cavity is quite shut off from the lumina of the ovaries or uteri.

Behind the transverse fissure the lower end of the Spigelian lobe is seen as a knob called the tuber papillare, and from tree right of this a narrow bridge runs forward and to the right to join the Spigelian lobe to the right Vena cava in its fossa lobe and to shut off the transverse fissure from that for the vena cava.

I shut off all my equipment at six o'clock when my experiment expires.

I agreed and mentioned the timing of the power shut off at Howie's house after he'd left town.

As Dean shut off the engine he turned to his companion.

Apparently the water had been shut off up here to keep it from freezing.