Sentence Examples with the word shredded

She could see a shredded couch cushion and broken glass in the hallway outside the bathroom door and recalled the shape her apartment was in.

His shredded clothing had been laundered and folded.

His trench and shirt were shredded and his favorite sword shattered, along with the majority of his other weapons.

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I feel more like a ship's sailor in a storm, with shredded sails with someone handing me a needle and thread.

Toby laughed and tossed Rhyn another pillow, delighted when he snatched it from midair and shredded it in an explosion of white feathers.

He lifted her and carried her to her bedroom, finding a spot on the bed that had avoided being shredded or covered with junk from her dressers.

She ran, crying out as glass shredded her feet.

The demon blood on her face and arms disgusted her, just like the sight of the ease with which Darkyn shredded three demons with bodies like humans.

His back was shredded from landing on his weapons as well as the stones on the beach.