Sentence Examples with the word show up

White days weren't supposed to show up until at least July, certainly not in early May.

You need monitoring equipment, preferably something they can't sense so you know what you're getting into before you show up with guns blazing.

Jerome Shipton didn't show up for a day or two and Ryland hadn't arrived yet either.

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It brings the authorities into the picture in case Shipton does show up and causes trouble.

My head hurts, my body hurts, and I was nearly sliced open before you decided to show up last night.

My sister is expecting me to call and then to actually show up in DC in the next week.

Fritz was the first to show up for breakfast.

From this time forward there was a desperate struggle at the sapheads on the north front .2 On the 26th of October another assault was made on Chi-Kuan A particular feature of these constant night-fights was the effective use of the defenders' searchlight, not only to show up the enemy but to blind him.

If you agree, I'll free him when you show up at my doorstep.

He might show up any time to claim the ranch.