Sentence Examples with the word shove

She.d cracked the door to her heart for Rhyn to shove his foot in the door and now needed to close, lock, and deadbolt it closed again.

It took all her strength to shove the hefty door wide enough for her to enter the dark chamber beyond that was lit by a single torch.

Don't shove Matthew, honey.

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She tried to shove him off, but he snagged her hips and dragged her down, pinning her hands over her head.

She let the bodies pressed against her shove her into the chilled night and blinked back her blurred gaze until she saw her German friends.

It was time to shove those old inhibitions out of their bedroom.

Something you want badly to shove overboard.

She gripped the blade of the dagger the man on top of her tried to shove through her throat.

She was staring at the cake, trying to find some fond memory to shove aside the pictures in her mind when Sarah walked into the room.