Sentence Examples with the word shortened

This process is now shortened by filtering oils through filter presses, or otherwise brightening them, e.g.

His dying agonies were shortened by an Italian soldier, who mercifully plunged a sword into his body.

According as it is too great or too small, the stroke of the pendulum is shortened or lengthened by a screw.

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It may be said to arise out of that type of intermittent in which the cold stage is shortened while the hot stage tends to be prolonged.

These have shortened the length of the Sulina canal by i 1 nautical m., eliminated all the difficult bends and shoals, and provided an almost straight waterway 34 m.

But by the republic of 1848 he was held in less favour, and chagrin at the treatment he experienced at the hands of the governments which succeeded that of Louis Philippe is supposed to have shortened his life.

The second was called for by the preference which the common law gave to a distant collateral over the brother of the half-blood of the first purchaser; the fourth conferred an indefeasible title on adverse possession for twenty years (a term shortened by Lord Cairns in 1875 to twelve years); the fifth reduced the number of witnesses required by law to attest wills, and removed the vexatious distinction which existed in this respect between freeholds and copyholds; the last freed an innocent debtor from imprisonment only before final judgment (or on what was termed mesne process), but the principle stated by Campbell that only fraudulent debtors should be imprisoned was ultimately given effect to for England and Wales in 1869.1 In one of his most cherished objects, however, that of Land Registration, which formed the theme of his maiden speech in parliament, Campbell was doomed to disappointment.

The troubles of his episcopate no doubt shortened his life.

The time consumed in lowering the men is shortened by the use of cages having two or more decks.

As in the last family, the post-glenoid process of the skull is broad; the whole skull be i ng depressed with a shortened facial portion.