Sentence Examples with the word shopping

Such are Pioneer Hall, the home of the Society of California Pioneers (1850), endowed by James Lick; Portsmouth Square, where the flag of the United States was raised on the 8th of July 1846, and where the Committee of Vigilance executed criminals in 1851 and 1856; Union Square, a fashionable shopping centre, decorated with a column raised in honour of the achievements of the United States Navy in the Spanish-American War of 1898;; also the United States Branch Mint, associated with memories of the early mining days (the present mint dates only from 1874).

No one was in the kitchen, but a note from Sarah explained that she and Tammy had gone to town shopping again.

I had a video of it but some jerk ripped it off my shopping wagon in Pittsburgh.

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Yeah, but from now on I'm leaving the shopping to someone else.

He paused, letting his pronouncement sink in and then added, There's a couple of ladies from Boston who are shopping for airplane tickets as we sit here.

There was shopping and packing to be done before they left on vacation.

The cinema out in the shopping mall has a 9:40 show.

Dean changed the subject by holding up the shopping bag from his lap.

I hereby bequeath to you my shopping cart and all its contents.

She definitely carried shopping bags, but at the top of the stairs, instead of turning right to his room she headed left to her own.