Sentence Examples with the word shooting

Bands of masked men rode about the country both in the Black Patch and in the Burley, burning tobacco houses of the independent planters, scraping their newly-planted tobacco patches, demanding that planters join their organization or leave the country, and whipping or shooting the recalcitrants.

Their presence is due to lateral outgrowths of crystals shooting from the side of a growing stalactite, or to deflections caused by currents of air, or to the existence of a diminutive fungus peculiar to the locality and designated from its habitat Mucor stalactitis.

Soon all the boats but Starbuck's were dropped; all the boat-sails set--all the paddles plying; with rippling swiftness, shooting to leeward; and Ahab heading the onset.

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The ordinary shooting stars vary from the brilliancy of a firstto a sixth-magnitude star.

Coleridge was anxious to embody a dream of a friend, and the suggestion of the shooting of the albatross came from Wordsworth, who gained the idea from Shelvocke's Voyage (1726).

But as she was so far to windward, and shooting by, apparently making a passage to some other ground, the Pequod could not hope to reach her.

She was silently thanking the heavens for rescuing her, until one of the men in black entered the garage and began shooting the downed men a second time around.

The distinction between the old and new method of observation may thus, in one sense, be described as the difference between shooting at a moving object and in shooting at one at rest.

Yully drew a deep breath, like she did when she was shooting clay pigeons.

Damian located the enemy ahead of them, shooting intersections clear as they reached them.