Sentence Examples with the word shocked

Astute in small matters, he had no breadth of view or foresight; his policy was continually warped by his passions or caprices; he flaunted vices of the most sordid kind with a cynical indifference to public opinion, and shocked an age which was far from tenderhearted by his ferocity to vanquished enemies.

He pointed out a Barnes and Noble, and she was shocked to see the crowd outside the store.

He was arbitrary and avaricious like his father, and moreover shocked public sentiment by his treatment of his wife, a popular Prussian princess, and his relations with his mistress, one Emilie Ortlopp, created countess of Reichenbach, whom he loaded with wealth.

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He was sent by his parents to frequent the Roman schools, but shocked by the prevailing licentiousness he fled away.

I was shocked at how harsh reality can be.

Many reformers, like Glapion, the Franciscan confessor of Charles V., who had read the Address with equanimity if not approval, were shocked by Luther's audacity in rejecting the prevailing fundamental religious conceptions.

He was good with her cousins, which shocked her, and he helped her, despite knowing she was there to do something bad to him.

And if everyone who hit their spouse landed in jail, we might be rather shocked at the percentage.

She stared at him, shocked by his bitter tone.

On returning to Wittenberg, he turned to the canon law, and was shocked to find it so completely at variance with his notions of Christianity.