Sentence Examples with the word shiver

The thought brought a shiver that coursed down her body as she tried to picture the scene as she and Caleb stumbled deeper into the mine.

No more would she crawl between icy sheets and shiver until her own body heat warmed them - or wake to a cold lonely house.

Rostov saw how the Emperor's rather round shoulders shuddered as if a cold shiver had run down them, how his left foot began convulsively tapping the horse's side with the spur, and how the well-trained horse looked round unconcerned and did not stir.

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A shiver ran through her as he sat close enough for their bodies to brush.

One God is above us both!--Vereshchagin's words suddenly recurred to him, and a disagreeable shiver ran down his back.

And worse yet, he felt a strange shiver of discomfit at Cynthia's odd reaction to Jerome Shipton's death.

You must be ill to shiver like that, he added, noticing that Prince Andrew winced as at an electric shock.

And yet, I've sometimes thought my brain was very calm--frozen calm, this old skull cracks so, like a glass in which the contents turned to ice, and shiver it.

Natasha's face, which had been so radiantly happy all that saint's day, suddenly changed: her eyes became fixed, and then a shiver passed down her broad neck and the corners of her mouth drooped.

A shiver of alarm went through her, but she gritted her teeth and pressed on, hoping to find her brother fast.