Sentence Examples with the word shitty

He was starting out doing a shitty job, but he was slowly conquering his challenges here on the human world.

Gazing at the vamp, Damian couldn't help thinking he got the shitty end of this deal.

I've done some real shitty things, just to keep Molly; things I'm not proud of, but I'll do anything for her.

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When this is over, you and I are going to have a little talk about how shitty you treated her, he said with calmness he didn't feel.

You dragged me into this shitty world.

New apartment, shitty job, boyfriend I can't stand.

Spying on his girlfriend is a shitty thing to do.

The weather's shitty so you'd better stop by your place and pick up some clothes in case you get stuck and can't fly back tonight.

He was the only decent person in the whole shitty place.

She came as soon as he called, offered encouragement when he seemed lost, and pretended to believe his shitty excuses as to why he wasn't taking her with him this time.