Sentence Examples with the word shiny

In the house the man wears a skull cap; out of doors the older Parsis wear the khoka, a tall hat, higher in front than at the back, made of a stiff shiny material, with a diaper pattern (Plate I.

They are usually much dreaded by country people, and although they are quite harmless to man, the large glands which are disposed very regularly on their smooth, shiny bodies, secrete a very active, milky poison which protects them from the attacks of many enemies.

Megan immediately recognized the shiny blue mustang when it emerged from the brush that bordered the drive.

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The leathery coils of its shiny body lay in a heap, stacked at least three tiers high.

Melanins obtained from tumours form black, shiny masses; they are insoluble in water, neutral salt solutions, dilute acids and in the common organic solvents.

The buggy seemed almost new, for it had a shiny top and side curtains.

A huge marble fireplace dominated the large family room, its image reflected on the shiny expanse of hardwood floor.

I didn't get to first base but you've got a spiffy uniform and a shiny badge.

Finally her efforts resulted in something shiny coming out.

Lisa let the matter drop, but she began to pay more attention to the activities around the house - like the shiny black car that sometimes came up the driveway and followed the path back into the woods without stopping at the house.