Sentence Examples with the word shine

In spite of all his cleaning, Bird Song didn't seem to have the same shine as it did when Cynthia was in residence.

When Phaeton, wishing to prove his heavenly birth by his beneficence, had the sun's chariot but one day, and drove out of the beaten track, he burned several blocks of houses in the lower streets of heaven, and scorched the surface of the earth, and dried up every spring, and made the great desert of Sahara, till at length Jupiter hurled him headlong to the earth with a thunderbolt, and the sun, through grief at his death, did not shine for a year.

It was worth the while to see the sun shine on these things, and hear the free wind blow on them; so much more interesting most familiar objects look out of doors than in the house.

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The room was dark aside from curtains opened to allow the moon to shine through.

Never did the diplomatic talents of the prince of Orange shine brighter than at this difficult crisis.

I don't know if the sun will shine on a long term relationship but Betsy is pleased to baby sit Molly while the romance dance is orchestrated.

She had eyes the deepest blue-green of the Celtic Sea and flaxen hair, which although matted and unkempt, promised to shine sun-kissed when groomed.

Tug, scream, shine the flashlight, throw the pitchfork toward the barn.

Among aboriginal tribes in India (Dalton, p. 186) the Moon is the Sun's bride; she was faithless and he cut her in two, but occasionally lets her shine in full beauty.

Even in the degenerate days of the dynasty, Antiochus Grypus, who had been brought up at Athens, aspired to shine as a poet.