Sentence Examples with the word shielded

The Hispanic woman hopped down from the fence and shielded her eyes to see them as they approached.

The door cracked open, and his woman shielded her eyes against the sudden sunlight.

The sudden brightness blinded her, and she shielded her eyes.

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She shielded them, unable to see through her blurred vision as the warrior pulled her.

They were too busy arguing to pay attention but Dean shielded Martha and hurried the group back to the rear quarters.

He shielded his eyes and gazed into an empty prison cell opposite his.

He died in Rome while the imperial commissioners were investigating the circumstances under which two important Roman personages had been seized at the Lateran, blinded and afterwards beheaded; Paschal had shielded the murderers but denied all personal complicity in their crime.

She shielded her eyes with one hand and walked down the carpeted hall, stopping when she realized her hallway didn't have carpet.

Gun, a shielded quick-firer (see ORDNANCE: Field Equipments, for illustration and details); this weapon was the forerunner of all modern models of field gun, and is handled on tactical principles specially adapted for it, which gives the French field artillery a unique position amongst the military nations.

Her headache was now a migraine, and she shielded her eyes against the light from the street that filtered past her honeycomb blinds.