Sentence Examples with the word sheriff

Perhaps the prior sheriff thought that sort of little joke is funny.

He turned on some music with weak intentions of continuing his sheriff reading but instead just sat there, finishing the last of the merlot.

Dean had blanked his campaign for sheriff from his mind, but now it returned with a headache fury.

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However, Betsy noticed a California kidnapping that bore an uncanny resemblance to the Delaware, and later Alabama abductions, where a deputy sheriff was killed.

Larkin certainly didn't resemble the sheriff in any way.

Then some of his friends at the funeral said they thought it was that sheriff guy Fitzgerald who planted it so he could arrest Billy and look good for the election.

He also murdered a deputy sheriff who stopped him because the law knew his license plate from a tip.

Acting Sheriff Fitzgerald moved out from behind the lights and strutted over to her.

Apparently he advocated the cause of Lady Jane Grey, for on the 25th of July 1553, only six days after Mary's proclamation as queen, he was committed to the custody of the sheriff of Essex.

Dean called Sheriff Weller, concerned that Jerome Shipton would further disrupt Bird Song but Weller could offer little help.