Sentence Examples with the word sheltered

The rate of denudation in exposed positions is exceedingly rapid; while spots sheltered from the sand blast suffer a minimum of erosion, as shown by the preservation of ancient inscriptions.

Situated on the north bank of the Teith, here crossed by a three-arched bridge, and sheltered by a ridge of wooded hills, it is in growing repute as a health resort.

The pots should be plunged in a cold frame and protected from frost, and about May may be removed to a sheltered and moderately shady place out-doors to remain till they flower, when they may be removed to the greenhouse.

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Being also sheltered from the north and east by the hills at the foot of which it nestles, the town enjoys an exceptionally mild climate for its latitude.

The town is irregularly built on the cliffs to the south of Torbay, and its harbour is sheltered by a breakwater.

It lies on the south side of the Bukken Fjord, and has a picturesque harbour well sheltered by islands.

It thrives best on a dry, deep, sandy loam, on airy sheltered sites at no great elevation above the sea.

These essential elements of monastic life are ranged about a cloister court, surrounded by a covered arcade, affording communication sheltered from the elements between the various buildings.

Bedding plants should be placed to harden in sheltered positions out of doors towards end of month.

A cave in the hill is said to have sheltered the dragon which was slain by the hero Siegfried.