Sentence Examples with the word shear

Greatest Shear when concentrated Loads travel over the Bridge.

Such a line has for abscissa the distance of a load from one end of a girder, and for ordinate the bending moment or shear at any given section, or on any member, due to that load.

But if the load is distributed to the bracing intersections by rail and cross girders, then the shear at C' will be greatest when the load extends to N, and will have the values wXADN and -wXNEB.

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Hunting) and sensual pleasures, and in particular was forbidden to shear or comb his hair till the fulfilment of the vow.

The shaded rectangles represent the distribution of shear due to the load at C, while no may be termed the datum line of shear.

The line parallel to q' q-- 1 which intersects the axes of Q and Q'; the plane of the member contains a fixed line; the centre is on a fixed ellipse which intersects the transversal; the axis is on a fixed ruled surface to which the plane of the ellipse is a tangent plane, the ellipse being the section of the ruled surface by the plane; the ruled surface is a cylindroid deformed by a simple shear parallel to the transversal.

It is customary to pluck the wool by hand rather than shear it, as this is believed to ensure a finer second crop. Black-faced and Cheviots are also found in some places.

Clearly, the distribution of the load by the rail girder considerably alters the distribution of shear due to a load in the bay in which the section considered lies.

The shear lust in them left her wishing he had looked elsewhere.

In very short girders the shear must be computed, and in long girders the deflexion, particularly the flexure from the variable load, since a flexure of more than of the length is liable to crack the plastering of the ceilings carried by the girders.