Sentence Examples with the word shaven

In the Celtic tonsure (tonsure of St John, or, in contempt, tonsure of Simon Magus) all the hair in front of a line drawn over the top of the head from ear to ear was shaven (a fashion common among the Hindus).

He is clean shaven and his hair is graying at the temples.

Thick dark lashes and a deep tan intensified the blue of his eyes, and his freshly shaven face had attractive angles.

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Among the soldiers in the shops and passages some men were to be seen in gray coats, with closely shaven heads.

His servant was also a yellow, wrinkled old man, without beard or mustache, evidently not because he was shaven but because they had never grown.

Not only the generals in full parade uniforms, with their thin or thick waists drawn in to the utmost, their red necks squeezed into their stiff collars, and wearing scarves and all their decorations, not only the elegant, pomaded officers, but every soldier with his freshly washed and shaven face and his weapons clean and polished to the utmost, and every horse groomed till its coat shone like satin and every hair of its wetted mane lay smooth--felt that no small matter was happening, but an important and solemn affair.

From one open shop came the sound of blows and vituperation, and just as the officer came up to it a man in a gray coat with a shaven head was flung out violently.

He gave her a cold, angry look and offered her his wrinkled, clean- shaven cheek to kiss.

The two first were convicts with shaven heads.