Sentence Examples with the word shattering

I know, but honestly, I don't think a vampire finding out he is in love with a werewolf can be any more earth shattering than a human finding out he's in love with a vampire.

The rocket smashed into the floor below, shattering glass and pulverizing part of the balcony.

The intervention of the powers, culminating in the shattering of the Egyptian fleet at Navarino (q.v.), robbed him of his reward so far as Greece was concerned; the failure of his arms in face of this intervention gave Sultan Mahmud the excuse he desired for withholding the rest of the stipulated price of his assistance.

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During the final assault on the 19th of May 1521 a cannon ball struck him, shattering one of his legs and badly wounding the other.

Nothing earth shattering there, nor anything Yancey would find either threatening or interesting.