Sentence Examples with the word sharpness

This construction would give all the advantage of the younger Dollond's object-glass micrometer, and more than its sharpness of definition, without liability to the systematic errors which may be due to want of homogeneity of the object-glass; for the lenses will not be turned with respect to each other, but, in measurement, will always have the same relation in position angle to the line joining the objects under observation.

Sirian's sharpness and ingenuity in battle had kept Tiyan safe for years.

This aberration is quite distinct from that of the sharpness of reproduction; in unsharp reproduction, FIG.

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At first the sharpness of the change was not fully apparent owing to the tactful choice of prefects made by the First Consul; but before long their very extensive powers were seen to form an important part of the new machinery of autocracy.

She studied him, noticing the sharpness of his gaze for the first time.

Associated with this is the strength and sharpness of the lower jaw, the prominence and anterior pcsition of the masseteric ridge, and the depth of the ramus from the alveolar line to the angle.

In the typical Australian and Papuan Hydromys, locally known as water-rats, the molars originally have transverse ridges, the enamel folds between which form cutting edges whose sharpness depends upon the degree to which the teeth have been worn, while the large hind feet are webbed.

The sharpness of his words cut through her thin armor of righteousness.

The Eye is essentially reptilian, but in sharpness of vision, power and quickness of accommodation it surpasses that of the mammals.

From this it follows that correctness of drawing depends solely upon the principal rays; and is independent of the sharpness or curvature of the image field.