Sentence Examples with the word shade

He was much older with a full head of silver hair, a similar shade of dark eyes, and a lean build.

Beck, however, was held to be a shade more Slavophil, Bienerth Germanophil,, Gautsch dynastic, Stiirgkh a Conservative Socialist; Korber and Seidler were mere officials, Clam-Martinitz an old aristocrat, Hussarek and Lammasch Clericals.

In the lower world his shade is seen by Odysseus driving the wild beasts before him as he had done on earth (Odyssey, xi.

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The natural colour of tussur silk is a greyish fawn, and that shade it was found impossible to discharge by any of the ordinary bleaching agents, so as to obtain a basis for light and delicate dyes.

He had meant only to lop off a few ultramontane extremists; he succeeded in sending Catholics of every shade and colour pell-mell into the arms of Rome.

The coat is usually a shade of brown, sometimes greyish, fairly bright and with a suggestion of waviness.

In due time she started with the intention of being confined at her parents' home, but the party halting on the way under the shade of some lofty satin-trees, in a pleasant garden called Lumbini on the river-side, her son, the future Buddha, was there unexpectedly born.

The city is attractively situated amidst a group of low hills in the heart of the lake country of western New York; the streets are wide, with a profusion of shade trees.

The words were but the utterance of an individual Raad member, but they were only a shade less offensive than those used by Kruger in 1892, and they too accurately describe the attitude of the Boer executive.

Under this shade the inmates spend much of their time; here their meals, which are cooked on the ground beneath the house, are served.