Sentence Examples with the word sexy

The tiny victory felt good, almost as good as the knowledge that the sexy beast every woman on the planet drooled over wanted her.

He still felt guilt-ridden over the redhead, but comforted himself by picturing her counting the money, thinking fondly of the great night at the casino with that sexy guy whose name she couldn't remember.

He gave her an engaging grin and winked, eliciting a sexy laugh.

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Satisfied to find the sexy man wasn't a serial killer or worse, Kiera's attention shifted to the main house as they approached.

The angles of his face were too sharp for traditional male beauty, but she admitted he was sexy in a dark, sinister way with his low brow, large gold eyes, and angled features.

Not that it mattered, but she'd need five inch heels to catch the gaze of someone as sexy as Gabriel.

She danced around him, running her hands over him, at times tickling his ear with a sexy whisper.

Never mind she felt awed by how sexy he was lying in bed beside her, his muscular chest inches from her and his large hand resting possessively on her stomach.

She said the word in a hushed voice that sounded husky and sexy with her newfound status as a seductress.

The cool, sexy Jenn he'd sparred with was incapable of being ruffled.