Sentence Examples with the word sexually

In this it remains until the completion of the transformation into the sexually mature insect, which then emerges from the case, leaving the pupal integument behind.

The Nematode parasites of the Invertebrata are usually immature forms which attain their full development in the body of some vertebrate; but there are a number of species which in the sexually adult condition are peculiar to the Invertebrata.2 The Nematoda contain about as many parasitic species as all the other groups of internal parasites taken together; they are found in almost all the organs of the body, and by their presence, especially when encysted in the tissues and during their migration from one part of the body to another, give rise to various pathological conditions.

The Peronosporaceae reproduce themselves sexually by means of antheridia and oogonia as described in Pythium.

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This sexually immature stage, regarded at one time as representing a distinct species and named Linguatula denticulate, is reached in about six or seven months and measures from 6 to 8 mm.

The evidence that the correlation between sexually produced brethren is the same as that existing between the asexually repeated organs on an individual body renders it impossible to accept Weismann's view that one of the results produced by the differentiation of animals and plants into two sexes is an increase in the variability of their offspring.

Like many modern pop idols he was sexually ambiguous.

It is a remarkable and newly-ascertained fact that in regeneration (in Potamilla) the thorax is not replaced by the growth of uninjured thoracic segments; but that the anterior segments of the abdomen take on the same characters, the setae dropping out and being replaced in accordance with the plan of the setae in the thorax of uninjured worms. Among the Oligochaeta the sexually mature worm is distinguished from the immature worm by the clitellum and by the development of genital setae.

In other cases, however, the medusa-individuals become sexually mature while still attached to the parent polyp, and are then not set free at all, but become appanages of the hydroid colony and undergo degenerative changes leading to reduction and even to complete obliteration of their original medusan structure.

Warren has shown by direct observation that the correlation between brothers among the broods produced parthenogenetically by one of the Aphides has a value not far from the 2 observed in sexually produced brethren (Biometrika, vol.

Sarasin (17), whose great work on the development of Ichthyophis is one of the most important recent contributions to our knowledge of the batrachians, Amphiuma is a sort of neotenic Caecilian, a larval form become sexually mature while retaining the branchial respiration.