Sentence Examples with the word sexuality

It was a great love story - the sexuality of the players is inconsequential.

Feeding was so wrapped up in sexuality for him that men held no appeal.

Forms with septate thallus, and reproduction by chlamydospores which on germination produce sporidia; sexuality doubtful.

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His sexuality and attitude toward Ben is the subject of much innuendo in the series.

A further argument in support of this view is that it is in complete agreement with what we know of the sexuality of the ordinary, free-living ascomycetes, where we find both normal and reduced forms (see Fungi).

My participants and I struggled to talk about our sexuality completely outside of a gender dichotomy.

Their extreme reduction in form and loss of sexuality may be correlated with the saprophytic habit, the proteids and other organic material required for the growth and reproduction being appropriated ready synthesized, the plant having entirely lost the power of forming them for itself, as evidenced by the absence of chlorophyll.

As the remarks on the nature of the spermatia show, the question of the sexuality of the lichens has been hotly disputed in common with that of the rest of the Ascomycetes.