Sentence Examples with the word sexual reproduction

Fungi with segmental thallus; sexual reproduction sometimes with typical antheridia and oogonia (ascogonia) but usually much reduced.

Both asexual and sexual reproduction occur among Euphaeophyceae.

Asexual reproductive cells are not infrequent, but sexual reproduction even in its initial stages is unknown.

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Harper, Sexual Reproduction and the Organization of the Nucleus in certain Mildews (pub.

The sexual reproduction shows all transitions between forms which are normally sexual, like the Peronosporaceae, to forms in which no antheridium is developed and the oospheres develop parthenogenetically.

Mycelium well developed; sexual reproduction by zygospores; asexual reproduction by sporangia and conidia.

Among Confervales there is no family in which sexual reproduction - isogamy or oogamy - is not known to occur among some of the component species, and as many as four families (Cylindrocapsaceae, Sphaeropleaceae, Oedogoniaceae, Coleochaetaceae) are oogamous.