Sentence Examples with the word sex

The male sex is slightly the more numerous in all the provinces except Quebec, the greatest discrepancy existing in British Columbia.

The praise of the fair sex in the first poem is exceptional in the literature of his age; and its geniality may help us to understand the author's popularity with his contemporaries.

In the first place, sex must be distinguished, because, from infancy upwards, except between the ages of ro and 20, the mortality amongst females is considerably less than amongst the other sex, and appears, too, to be declining more rapidly.

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His chief logical work, the treatise De sex principiis, was regarded with a reverence almost equal to that paid to Aristotle, and furnished matter for numerous commentators, amongst them Albertus Magnus.

He dripped sex appeal.

By the Federal Act, passed in the session of 1908, a pension of ten shillings a week was granted to persons of either sex over sixty-five years of age, or to persons over sixty who are incapacitated from earning a living.

It will know sex offenders, who must register publicly, and warn you when they come to the door.

In the Eumenidae or solitary wasps the female sex is undifferentiated, and the foot claws are toothed.

The goddess had used sex to control him.

In the total population of 10 years of age and over the female sex is more illiterate than the male, but within the age-group 10 to 24 years the reverse is true.