Sentence Examples with the word seventy-five

In addition to writing numerous articles for the Leipzig Acta Eruditorum, Bergler edited the editio princeps of the Byzantine historiographer Genesius (1733), and the letters of Alciphron (1715), in which seventy-five hitherto unpublished letters were for the first time included.

The first stage of the controversy covers the seventy-five years between the council of Chalcedon and the accession of Justinian in 527.

At one time, a hotel, accommodating a hundred guests and stable for seventy-five horses, adorned its slopes.

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A few of the principal packs hunt five days a week, and sometimes even six, and for such an establishment not fewer than seventy-five couples of hounds are requisite.

The first House of Representatives was to contain seventy-five members.

Nearly seventy-five Colorado winters rusting away at the structure did not breed confidence.

A typical year saw four hundred inches of snow fall atop Red Mountain, a hundred and seventy-five inches in Ouray, and perhaps a foot in Montrose, all within fifty miles.

It was a lovely cape crocheted, for me, by an old gentleman, seventy-five years of age.

The limit of size was reached in an immense clipper of 4555 tons, and the greatest speed was attained in a passage from San Francisco to Boston in seventy-five days, and from San Francisco to Cork in ninety-three days.

In no case shall the overturning moment due to wind pressure exceed seventy-five per centum of the moment of stability of the structure.