Sentence Examples with the word seventeen

From the hands of his unthinking pupil Fleury eventually received the supreme direction of affairs, which he retained for seventeen years.

But Alphonso did not use his freedom to act legibus solutus except against such hoary and incorrigible intriguers as Don Juan ci Tuerto or the Caballero Diego Gil, whom he beheaded with seventeen of his men after promising them security for their lives.

At the age of seventeen he saw Adele, the French daughter of Monsieur Domecq, Mr Ruskin's partner, a lovely girl of fifteen.

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In building the fortress of Sacsahuaman, heights had to be scaled; in Tiahuanaco stones weighing 4 00 tons were carried seventeen miles; in the edifices of 011antaytambo not only were large stones hauled up an ascent, but were fitted perfectly.

In the case of a North American species it is known that this larval life lasts for seventeen years.

The palate is long and narrow; its mucous surface has seventeen pairs of not very sharply defined oblique ridges, extending as far back as the last molar tooth, beyond which the velum palati extends for about 3 in., having a soft corrugated surface, and ending posteriorly in an arched border without a uvula.

Sprats are very often confounded with young herrings, which they much resemble, but can always be distinguished by the following characters: they do not possess any teeth on the palate (vomer), like herrings; their gill-covers are smooth, without the radiating striae which are found in the shad and the pilchard; the anal fin consists of .from seventeen to twenty rays, and the lateral line of forty-seven or forty-eight scales.

Gnostic gospels of Andrew, Apelles, Barnabas, Bartholomew, Basilides, Cerinthus and some seventeen others.

His attempt to found a bank which should operate by granting gratuitous credit was also a complete failure; of the five million francs which he required only seventeen thousand were offered.

At seventeen he wrote for Blackwood a defence of Turner, which the painter, to whom it was first submitted, did not take the trouble to forward to the magazine.