Sentence Examples with the word servility

Roman history was no longer a record of national glory, stimulating the patriotism and flattering the pride of all Roman citizens, but a personal eulogy or a personal invective, according as servility to a present or hatred of a recent ruler was the motive which animated it.

Education was neglected and discouraged, servility and treachery were developed, and in less than a century the people had become depraved and degraded to an almost incredible extent.

But mysticism and political servility between them gave the deathblow to chiliasm in the Greek Church.

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Collier deprecated the extent of the authority assumed by the patron and the servility of the poorer clergy.

To banish Floridablanca to Murcia, and his p1ace was entrusted to the veteran Aranda, who speedily found that he held office only by favor of the queen, and that this had to be purchased by a disgraceful servility to her paramour, Emanuel Godoy.

Guicciardini pushed his servility so far as to defend this infamous despot at Naples in 1535, before the bar of Charles V., from the accusations brought against him by the Florentine exiles (Op. ined.

He aspired to the role of a politician, and has left a memorable example of genius degraded to servility for the sake of a riband and a title.

Their servility awakened the bitterest contempt of their conquerors and forms the best excuse for the unparalleled severity of the French yoke.