Sentence Examples with the word serpentine

Beyond the flowering cherries, is the serpentine yew tunnel, which runs the full length of the lawn.

Perhaps their most characteristic dance is the kolo, sometimes performed by as many as ioo men and women, in a single serpentine line.

These may be nearly straight and regular in outline, as if broken portions of arcs; frequently they are ribbon-like serpentine forms showing numerous sinuosities.

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It consisted of a restaurant area, a large serpentine shaped bar and another room off to the side with two pool tables and a jukebox.

With these are often associated limestones, dolomites and marbles containing serpentine (Kolmarden).

At the base there is often an arkose, composed largely of fragments of serpentine and granite derived from the ancient floor.

From Bagdad downward, the course of the Tigris is peculiarly serpentine and shifting.

Minerals produced in small quantities include gypsum, millstones, salt and sandstone, and among those found but not produced (in 1902) in commercial quantities may be mentioned allanite, alum, arsenic, bismuth, carbonite, felspar, kaolin, marble, plumbago, quartz, serpentine and tin.

In general, each shoot makes one layer, but in plants like the Wistaria or Clematis, which make long shoots, what is called serpentine layering may be adopted; that is, the shoot is taken alternately below and above the surface, as frequently as its length permits.

The simplest form is 3 - a 3 in this case the serpentine position shown in the figure degenerates into a point of inflexion.