Sentence Examples with the word serial killer

She wasn't going to let a serial killer who chose not to kill her derail her day.

There was nothing at this time we could do to stop this serial killer of children.

It was early May when we fingered another serial killer from Daniel Brennan's hot list.

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All of them are being stalked by a serial killer we're sure is now in town.

Satisfied to find the sexy man wasn't a serial killer or worse, Kiera's attention shifted to the main house as they approached.

Yeah, the serial killer lunatic was probably going to kill her tonight.

She felt the connection to him again, strong and deep, as if her fate was bound to the serial killer who'd come to claim her.

This abductor was a high level serial killer and of paramount interest to the special FBI task force.

You're an off-duty serial killer with an affinity for weapons with blades who believes in imaginary creatures and takes the time to talk to crazy women lying on the beach.