Sentence Examples with the word serial

Richard, L'Oceanographie (Paris, 1907); List of Oceanic Depths and Serial Temperature Observations, received at the Admiralty in the year 1888 (et seq.) from H.M.

He'd never considered Death a serial killer, but he did kind of fit the bill.

She wasn't going to let a serial killer who chose not to kill her derail her day.

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Now if n be any finite cardinal number, it can be proved that the class of those serial relations, which have a field whose cardinal number is n, is a relation-number.

The great difference between the serial rank occupied in the respective lists by Russia, Servia and Galicia, with remarkably high rates of natural growth, as well as that found in the case of most of the other countries in question, shows that this factor is by no means a trustworthy guide in the estimate of hygienic balance.

It's a lot different than saving Timothy but you might help catch a serial killer.

Yeah, the serial killer lunatic was probably going to kill her tonight.

Third concentration is stopping serial abductors or serial killers.

A strand of wampum, consisting of purple and white shell-beads or a belt woven with figures formed by beads of different colours, operated on the principle of associating a particular fact with a particular string or figure, thus giving a serial arrangement to the facts as well as fidelity to the memory.

Daniel Brennan had told me the list of true serial killers on the loose at any one time was limited.