Sentence Examples with the word sequestration

After 1870 the Hanoverian regiment was disbanded, but the sequestration continued.

He had suffered twice from the chicanery of Edward's lawyers; in 1284 when a dispute between himself and the royal favourite, John Giffard, was decided in the latter's favour; and again in 1292 when he was punished with temporary imprisonment and sequestration for a technical, and apparently unwitting, contempt of the king's court.

That is to say, these gifts were probably paid for out of the proceeds of the sequestration of the property of a rich Lydian merchant, Sadyattes, which Croesus presented to Ephesus (Nic. Damasc. fr.

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This right was enforceable by sequestration and sale.

She was dissuaded from this extreme course, but Grindal's sequestration was continued in spite of a petition from Convocation in 1581 for his reinstatement.

The sequestration of the monastic estates, which in 1864 covered nearly one-third of Rumania, was due to flagrant abuses.