Sentence Examples with the word sequel

The sequel to this phase is placed in the reign of Solomon, when David's old priest Abiathar, sole survivor of the priests of Shiloh, is expelled to Anathoth (near Jerusalem), and Zadok becomes the first chief priest contemporary with the foundation of the first temple (1 Kings ii.

The sequel was the repeal of the Missouri Compromise in the Kansas-Nebraska Bill of 1854.

The replacing of the sequel of Amos (q.v.) by one which presupposes a later historical background, the addendum to the prophecy against Moab (Isa.

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A fall in rents was the necessary sequel of the agricultural distress, to inquire into which a royal commission was appointed in 1879, under the chairmanship of the duke of Richmond and Gordon.

It was the sequel to his complacent reflections on his success in Petersburg.

The story of St Paul's doings there illustrates this fact, and the sequel is very suggestive, - the burning, namely, of books of sorcery of great value.

Shortly after this, More Work for Cooper, a sequel to Hay any Worke, was begun at Manchester, but while it was in progress the press was seized.

As the relations with Israel are not specified, the sequel to Amaziah's defeat is a matter for conjecture; although, when at the death of Jeroboam Israel hastened to its end amid anarchy and dissension, it is hardly likely that the southern kingdom was unmoved.

From the sequel it appears that the prophecy was uttered by one Pharisee only, and that it was in no way endorsed by the party.

The eastern extension claimed by Pretorius was the sequel to endeavours made shortly before, on the initiative of a Scotsman, to develop trade along the rivers leading to Delagoa Bay.