Sentence Examples with the word separable

To Hosea, at least in his later prophecies, the fate of Judah does not appear separable from that of the northern realm - when Israel and Ephraim fall by their iniquity Judah must fall with them (Hos.

Discovery in these various directions then led physicians to regard fever and inflammation not as separable entities, but as fluctuating symptomgroups, due to swervings of function from the normal balance under contingent forces.

Of these 6, the two first to be considered are very plainly separable and represent the extremes of Polychaete organization.

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Henceforward the history of Shetland is scarcely separable from that of Orkney (q.v.).

The vascular tissue is typically separable into distinct collateral bundles (figs.

He was an active worker in physiological chemistry, and carried out many analyses of the products of living organisms, among them being one of the gastric juice which, at the end of 1823, resulted in the notable discovery that the acid contents of the stomach contain hydrochloric acid which is separable by distillation.

The alimentary tract consists of a straight tube running from the mouth to the anus without any convolutions; it is separable into three divisions: (I) a muscular oesophagus, which is often provided with cuticular teeth; (2) a cellular intestine; and (3) a short terminal rectum surrounded by muscular fibres.

These are separable into a lower group (Kundelungu) of red felspathic grits and into an upper group (Lubilasch) of white friable sandstones.

In the first class the ripe grain readily detaches itself from the chaff-scales, while in the spelts it is more or less adherent to them, or not readily separable from them.

But the highest developments of priestly influence are hardly separable from something of magical superstition, the opus operatum of the priest has the power of a sorcerer's spell.