Sentence Examples with the word sentinel

Detective Hunter advised the Sentinel by phone that tidal conditions on the Chesapeake might make retrieving a body difficult.

Sackler crossed the room to the trashcan, retrieved the prior day's edition of the Parkside Sentinel and read aloud.

Monica Cutler had performed every duty but setting type at the Parkside Sentinel for the past 20 years.

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A new name was on the mailbox for apartment C. There were no piled up copies of the Parkside Sentinel lying about.

On the edges of these forests stood isolated dwellings like sentinel outposts; while the inhabitants of the scattered hamlets, caves hollowed in the ground, rude circular huts or lake-dwellings, were less occupied with domestic life than with war and the chase.

The chamber of commerce, and the Pabst, Mitchell, North-Western Life Insurance, Germania Sentinel and Wells buildings, are among the principal business structures.

Shadows danced in tune with a slight breeze from the inch of open window and a sentinel pine tree beyond.

Dean knew the Parkside Sentinel would be going full steam later in the day, so he stopped by the red brick building on his way to work.

They don't stock the Parkside Sentinel in all the libraries around the country like they do the big city papers.

Standing sentinel over the valley of the middle Danube, and barring the advance of the Slav; on Germany, Austria, whether mark, duchy or empire, has always been the meeting-place of the Teuton and the Sla y.