Sentence Examples with the word sensing

She cringed as he approached, sensing his anger.

Lana shifted, sensing she'd said something to cause the silent communication between Kelli and Mike.

Jessi inched away, sensing the teen's storm cloud energy surge.

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As if sensing she was some poor tourist, he dropped her off at a youth hostel located above a bar already teeming with people.

Rhyn listened, sensing his friend was more than troubled: he was deeply disturbed.

Gabriel said nothing, sensing the half-demon's explosive temper was close to the surface.

The guardsman hesitated, not sensing the soul of the dead immortal despite the blood.

A'Ran watched him go, sensing the same disappointment and doubt he'd seen in his sister earlier.

He led her to a private table in the corner near the buffet, as if sensing her unease.

Darian moved away from the door and kept to the edge of the room, sensing he was only welcomed because he was in the unique position to defend everyone there if the Other started blasting people.