Sentence Examples with the word senses

He warned his hearers against the fires of concupiscence, anger, ignorance, birth, death, decay and anxiety; and taking each of the senses in order he compared all human sensations to a burning flame which seems to be something it is not, which produces pleasure and pain, but passes rapidly away, and ends only in destruction.3 Accompanied by his new disciples, the Buddha walked on to Rajagaha, the capital of King Bimbisara, who, not unmindful of their former interview, came out to welcome him.

His sight was poor enough that the moonlight hurt his eyes, but his other senses were strong after growing up beneath the ground.

For him there is only the One Absolute Being, the one reality that is all in all; whilst all the phenomenal existences and occurrences that crowd upon our senses are nothing more than an illusion of the individual soul estranged for a time from its divine source - an illusion only to be dispelled in the end by the soul's fuller knowledge of its own true nature and its being one with the eternal fountain of blissful being.

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S The senses and the memory, which collect and store up facts, must be assisted; there must be a ministration of the senses and another of the memory.

Her senses filled with his taste, scent, the heat of his body, enveloping her yet never enough.

He retained the full use of his senses during the paralytic attack, and in July he was sufficiently recovered to renew his old club life and to meditate further journeys.

Xander stretched his senses to seek out any other minds in the condo.

She didn't fully understand the demon senses that Darkyn indicated were part of her now.

The term is borrowed from Sight, of all the physical senses the one which most rapidly instructs the mind.

Under the influence of his disease, his senses became morbidly torpid, and his imagination morbidly active.