Sentence Examples with the word sensed

She sensed he demon's imperceptible tension rise.

He sensed much more amiss than Gabriel would ever admit.

While he yearned to return to New Hampshire I sensed he possessed a strong guilt, locking him to his mother's bedside.

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She sensed the unseen scars of war and strife, the price of Anshan's struggle, buried deep beneath the surface of the hardened man before her.

Gabe sensed Rhyn's words came from an enormous amount of thought.

He.d sensed Katie.s appearance in the castle a short time ago and had avoided going directly to her, for fear he wasn.t quite ready to say what he needed to.

An awkward quiet fell, and she sensed Traci was as reserved as she was.

Dean sensed Fred had finished his own web business before unhooking and was content to let the waiting line of users cool their respective heels.

With Rhyn nuzzling Katie's neck already, Gabe sensed they weren't going to make it to their bedroom a few floors up.

They obviously sensed that it would be perilous to tease Brandon.