Sentence Examples with the word sense of duty

On his arrival in London he called on Lord Palmerston, and with the utmost frankness told him that he had opposed and denounced him so frequently in public, and that he still differed so widely from his views, especially on questions of foreign policy, that he could not, without doing violence to his own sense of duty and consistency, serve under him as minister.

Even the great Tribonian labours under the reproach of corruption, while the fact that Justinian maintained John of Cappadocia in power long after his greed, his unscrupulousness, and the excesses of his private life had excited the anger of the whole empire, reflects little credit on his own principles of government and sense of duty to his subjects.

While the hole inside her grew, Jenn's sense of duty returned.

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Hegel the tourist - recalling happy days spent together; confessing that, were it not because of his sense of duty as a traveller, he would rather be at home, dividing his time between his books and his wife; commenting on the shop windows at Vienna; describing the straw hats of the Parisian ladies - is a contrast to the professor of a profound philosophical system.

In it, too, the sense of duty will have become otiose and have disappeared, being essentially a relic of the history of the moral consciousness.

While she could never fully understand what it was to have the weight of a planet on her shoulders for fifteen years, her resentment toward A'Ran's rigid sense of duty began to thaw as Evelyn went on.

Hence Spencer concludes that the sense of duty is transitory and must diminish as moralization increases.

Being fully aware of my own incompetence to give her any adequate explanations of the mysteries which underlie the names of God, soul, and immortality, I have always felt obliged, by a sense of duty to my pupil, to say as little as possible about spiritual matters.

Once he became a candidate for governor, in 1876, but his candidature was a forlorn hope, undertaken from a sense of duty after the regular nominee had withdrawn.

In the army itself the esprit de corps and the sense of duty and discipline nullified the work of the propagandists.