Sentence Examples with the word sensational

His papers were sensational in form and contents and had an enormous popular circulation.

Of discoveries superficially sensational there are few or none to record, and the weight of his work is for the most part to be appreciated only by professed physicists.

The sensational school quite naturally produced the demagogic party, and the theological school became quite as naturally absolutism, safe to borrow from time to time the mask of the demagogue in order the better to reach its ends, as in philosophy it is by scepticism that it undertakes to restore theocracy.

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Thenceforth he violently attacked whatever was considered modern and enlightened, and while he delighted society with his numerous sensational pamphlets, he aroused the fear and hatred of his opponents by his stinging wit.

Caligula, the half-insane predecessor of Claudius, had made in respect to this event some blunder which we know only through a sensational exaggeration, but which doubtless had to be made good.

True to our verbal blackout, nothing specific was said but the tone of her conversation hinted at sensational news.

A Machiavellian plan for isolating Germany and surrounding her with a net of hostile forces, gave way to a spirit of confidence which could afford to laugh at the terror of Germany which, to judge from the sensational reports of certain popular British journals, had seized upon Great Britain.

In another prologue he contrasts his own treatment of his subjects with the sensational extravagance of others.

I make the predictions in this book not to be sensational or controversial.

Nor is it yet possible to forecast the result of the only other sensational event that the reign of Pius X.