Sentence Examples with the word senor

They left Senor Medena in his den and headed back to their room.

It was, therefore, regarded as certain that, should President Diaz die in office, Senor Corral would succeed him without serious difficulty.

Together they went downstairs to face Senor Medena and whatever he had cooked up for them all next.

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About the same time he made the acquaintance of Metastasio, who was lodging in the same house, and who introduced him to one or two patrons; among others Senor Martinez, to whose daughter he gave lessons, and Porpora, who, in 1753, took him for the summer to Mannersdorf, and there gave him instruction in singing and in the Italian language.

Which Sagasta had allowed his Long Parliament to vote, to please Senor Gamazo and the Liberal representatives of agricultural interests, empowering the government to revise and increase all tariff dtities not covered by the then existing treaties of commerce.

An attempt was made to constitute a government with Senor Calderon as president of the republic and General Caceres as first vice-president.

The ascent of the Cameroon mountain was first attempted by Joseph Merrick of the Baptist Missionary Society in 1847; but it was not till 186r that the summit was gained, when the ascent was made by Sir Richard Burton, Gustav Mann, a noted botanist, and Senor Calvo.

The country was at this period conducted practically as if it were the private estate of the president, and no accounts of revenue or expenditure were vouchsafed to the public. In 1894 the Colorados nominated Senor Idiarte Borda for the presidency.

Suffice it here to note that, after the crushing defeat of the Peruvian forces at Arica (June 7, 1880) Senor Nicolas de Pierola assumed dictatorial powers, with General Andres Caceres as commander-in-chief, but the defeats at Chorrillos (Jan.

In June 1891 he ordered the presidential election to be held, and Senor Claudio Vicuna was duly declared chosen as president of the republic for the term commencing in September 1891.